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Where we promise to treat with you kindness and respect, and to encourage you to release with ease.  A gentle colonic and consistent courtesy are guaranteed!

With nationally board certified Colon Hydro-Therapists, we strongly believe that “Our Health is Our Responsibility” and encourage you to take charge of your own health and to take responsibility for your body.  Call or email us today to make an appointment, and discover how you may begin to change your health  from inside out.

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A Colonic at Inner Health Care IS NOT & IS

A Colonic is NOT

A Colonic IS

Embarrassing Relaxing
Tense Gentle
Scary Soothing
Smelly Private
Intolerable Enjoyable
A big hose being shoved in your booty Refreshing
A large tube in your booty A very unique letting go experience
Painful – (unless you have a lot of gas)
you can feel a little cramping in this case
It is our desire that this brief IS NOT & IS description of Colonics at Inner Health Care, will encourage you to include colonics as part of your plan to take control of your own health. Written by Cece








Cece Alvarado, Nationally Board Certified Colon Hydro-Therapist













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A gift of health is what we all need. Give yourself or a loved one that gift. On your birthday you can get a Colonic for a very reduced price. It must be done on the week of your birthday. So plan ahead and call to make your appointment. Also please let your family and friends know about this great gift they could give themselves.

Birthday Price: $60.00 (Regular price $80.00)  Offer Expires: 1 week after your birthday.