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With nationally board certified Colon Hydro-Therapist, we encourage you to take charge of your health and to take responsibility for your body.  Call or email us today to make an appointment, and discover how you may begin to change your health  from the inside out.

We encourage you to Take a look at our Testimonials , &  read truly life-changing health success stories from our clients. Also read about the Benefits.  Knowledge is power.

At Inner Health Care, we promise to treat with you kindness and respect, and to encourage you to release with ease. A gentle colonic and consistent courtesy are guaranteed!

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- Cece Alvarado, Nationally Board Certified Colon Hydro-Therapist














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Back by popular demand, our NOVEMBER CLEANSE, by appointment only.
Requires a 2 1/2 -3 hour visit.

Come and give yourself, a family member or a friend, the gift of health~you really deserve it!

The package includes:

  • Gentle and relaxing Colonic
  • Vibration Therapy
  • Sol Vita Infrared Sauna

(read benefits page)

All for only $124.99 (Regular price is $135.00)
You will need to be here with us at least 2 1/2 -3 hours


COMING SOON – Bride and bride’s maids special packet.  A day of celebration, relaxation, self love & self care.  It will be a unique and very special day for the whole group.  



Colonic Specials – 3 Colonics , Probiotics & Enzymes for ONLY $264.98 Time to invest in yourself, you are worth it!



   3 Colonics , Probiotics & Enzymes for ONLY $264.98

   (each colonic comes out to only $70.00 when you take advantage of this special)





A gentle and relaxing colonic – Remove old waste, hydrate the body and strengthen the colon muscle.

Vibration therapy sessionit can greatly improve blood circulation, strengthen bone tissue and improves lymph drainage.

Sol Vita Infrared Sauna-  Enjoy the health benefits attributed to famed hot water springs and baths renowned for their far infrared ray energy. You simply step into the specially designed reflection tent that bathes you in healing light .    

After just a few minutes in the sol vita infrared sauna, you can obtain the same microcirculation benefits gained by running 2 to 3 miles!                                                                      

all for $124.99

(plan to be here for at least 2 1/2 -3 hrs)


A gift of health is what we all need. Give yourself or a loved one that gift. On
your birthday you can get a Colonic for a very reduced price. It must be done on the week of your birthday. So plan ahead and call to make your appointment. Also please let your family and friends know about this great gift they could give themselves.

Birthday Price $60 (Regular price: $ 80.00)   Offer Expires: 1 week after your birthday.

JOIN our PAYING IF FORWARD MOVEMENT - Here at Innerhealth Care we truly believe in paying it forward, so we would like to invite you to be part of it.  Go to Goggle and our Website and write about your great experience at our center, by doing this, you will encourage many others to become aware and take responsibility of their own health. You will know be part of our Paying Forward Movement.  We believe that we can change the health of the world as a team, one person at a time.

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